A little bit of news ….

Things are starting to get going now with the start of the grass season not far away now. All our two year olds have been galloping upsides in pairs for the last few weeks and have been very pleasing. The older horses too have stepped up a gear, we are looking forward to getting out an about very soon.


This week we had Catriona our Vet come in to X-ray a 2 yr old fillies knees to check her growth plates, which showed they had not fully fused. With the images and Catriona experience it was decided that the filly would be given a break to let her bones develop. We pride our selves on treating each horse as an individual and getting to know them so well we can notice the smallest of changes in their behaviour and bodies.

Luckily this week the wind calmed own so we got to get the 2 yr olds out In the grass(well they are meant to have grass lol) which they all thoroughly enjoyed

We are happy to report that Jack is learning how to use his drone so we will be hopefully going to get some shots from the sky.


As with all our horses there daily exercise is on the lunge. This is a way of training we learned from Adrians Dad Dandy. He had years of success and many a good winner from this way of training. Dandys’ old head lad Ben Beasley is a major part of team and a fountain of knowledge.

Adrian and myself had a few days away in Dubai and left The Ranch in the very capable hands of our wonderful team. We are a very small yard who are very lucky to have such a great team.

I was always told that horses feel very safe when they are lay down so I love nothing more than catching the team having a little nap.

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