Few Photos from January and a Bit of News…..

 Princess and Scooby having some play time

Lance in the paddock after his good run at Wolverhampton when he finished second

Lance and I at Wolverhampton

Adrian going for canter on one of our future stars


We have started as we mean to progress this year with Lance running a good race with Joe Fanning at Wolverhampton earlier this week. Also we have took a few of our young horses away to Malton Gallops to give them some experience, Barry McHugh rode one along side Adrian. Nothing beats experience so we like to use knowledgable jockeys who can give good feed back so we can move forward.


2018 is looking very exciting


Happy New Year

From Us here at The Ranch we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We are all very excited about the year a head with all our young horse getting in gear to make there racing debuts.

Its been a while……

We are all good at he ranch just tipping away weather has been a bit rubbish but every one is in the same boat we have managed to keep all horses happy and exercised. We have had a few runners Sir Lancelott and Racing Angel both running solid races. Lance runs again on thursday at Southwell with Andrew Mullen on board. Racing Angel plans to run again at the end of the month all going well.

2018 we are really looking forward to getting our unraced ladies to the track, we believe that taking them slowly in there own time is key and we have no doubt they will tell us when they are ready and we will go to war

Sir Lance loves to get his rug off and have  roll

Our Yard sign looking all festive

The trainer and Angel braving the frost to get a lunge

Yard up date

We have had a couple of runners in the last month Racing Angel going close at Newcastle at the start of the month but then went back on friday but really didn’t run to great we were disappointed on the night, but got over it and we live to fight an other day. The young horses in the yard are starting to come to hand nicely and wont belong before they are making the race course debut.


With us being a small yard we are able to give each horse the personal individual touch and we cater for each horse separately. o they can tell us when they are ready. We took two of ours girls away last week for  apiece of educational work, it went very well and both girls came out if it bouncy.

Proud Sponsors

I am pleased to say the Adrian Nicholls Racing are proud sponsors of Thirsk Falcons U12 footy team…. We have done it to support the local community but also because I know my dad would have been very proud to see my name on the kids vests.

World Champion

Last weekend was one of the best ever Mia represented GB in Abu Dhabi in the Worlds first pony race, where she only went and won. To say we are bursting with pride is an understatement. The whole week was an experience they will never forget.

The photos have kindly been taken by Amanda  Jane Smith Photography

On the occasion of the World’s Richest Arabian Race, The Jewel Crown in Abu Dhabi. Finals of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Festival Races.
Photographer: Amanda Jane Smith


The Future of The Ranch

This afternoon we had a bit of fun with the trainer giving the girls a lesson in jockey style (its not only horses he trains). We believe in starting as mean to go on…Go fast go home ..lol

Mia on Oscar 


Ruby on Blackie

Lucy on Dolly

Daisy on Scooby 


We were also very pleased with Racing Angel run at Newcastle where she ran a very creditable 4th only beaten less than a length so hopefully we will be troubling the judge very soon.

Little Update

All is well at The Ranch. Racing Angel runs tomorrow at Newcastle in the 8.45 Ben Robinson(5) take the ride on her. Sir Lancelott is having a mid season break to get him all freshened up for his winter campaign. The young team we have are coming on nicely and will no doubt tell us when they are ready.

Enjoying the Yorkshire Sun

Cuddle Time

Baby Breaking 

The yard pony getting a scratch 

Yard News

The weather has not been kind to us. We have a lot of surface water, but the team is coping very well and none of the horse have missed a day. Its all go with horses getting clipped ready for our winter campaign. The young horses are getting to grips with what we are asking which is very pleasing. The trainer is enjoying his night time reading the Horses In Training Catalogue, hopefully he can pick a few nice ones to join our team.

Saturday Morning at the Ranch

This morning the trainer was very busy he had 3 lots on the gallop followed by a few lots on the lunge


1st Lot Finmark 2yrold Filly this was her first strong canter she was a little shell shocked and a bit green.

2nd lot Callomania also her first strong canter since joining our team she was straight and honest.


3rd lot was a routine canter for Sir Lancelott after his run on wednesday, which he came out of fine and he will be running again soon