Sir lancelott is still enjoying his holiday he has been blessed with the weather out all day and in all night what more could he ask for….


Scooby has been having a day out with his jockey he won the fancy dress at Scorton Feast winning a thorphy much to the delight of us here at the Ranch and numerous other rosettes for games ….


We have got our first two yearling and are both lovely individuals with hopefully big futures…

Sepoy Colt

Swiss Spirirt Filly

Mia has been learning the jockey trade on Barrons Lad, he is perfect teacher and she will learn alot….


Also Mia attended Malton Open Day where they had a jockey relay show jumping competition her partner was Jason Hart he was a great sport as were all the jockey, they are a credit to racing


Xtara has had a change route for his winter campaign and is staying on at The Ranch, he has had a good 7 week break and will be aiming to run on the all weather before the end of the year and the rest up again for his 3yr old career.

Hafait Alain has had a few teething problems and will most likely not race until he is a 3yr old, he is now enjoying life and gaining a few pounds. 2019 will be his time to shine.

We have some lovely big back end 2yr olds wheter they as 2 or 3 yr olds, we will decide in time there is no rush with them but once we get the sign they are ready we will run(the horse will let us know)

We have had a few runners a long the way, we have not troubled the judge but we ahve been knocking onthe door. There is still time to get an other winner before the grass finishes, God whiling. But as first years go I reckon this has been a great one we have some lovely horse to look forward too so onwards and upwards.

Until next time x x x x


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