Mia and Bear Me In Mind

Saw the return of Big Lily this season Mia will be riding her at home when she gets ridden out. Lily loves the lunge so will mainly be ridden on work days, she is a real yard favorite winning 3 times last year so hopefully she can pick up where she left off last year, at home she shows her enthusiasm which is great.

Barry Mchugh leading the way on Poetikel Piece followed by Mia on Queen of York. These are two 2 year old fillies who are thriving on there work.

Today was an upsides day for the girls Trotter is on a Mortga Filly(Kelly) and Barry on a Lethal Force filly(Maggie), each day we vary who they go with and what we do this keeping the learning process interesting.

Burtha (Mia) and Ferrari (Clare), I have really enjoyed this week I’ve dusted my boot’s off to ride out and really enjoyed getting a feel for the new stock of 2021. While getting to still annoy Mia and tell her what to do(somethings will never change)

Abate is back, he had the saddle on for the first time this year and was very enthusiastic, we are looking forward to seeing him running this season he was a real star last year and we are hopeful he can continue on the same vein in 2021 and gives us some good days out.

Elvis (Clare) and Rocky (Trotter) enjoying going upsides both boys are really coming to hand nicely, they have matured over the winter. While Rocky is still a colt, Elvis had the snip to help him keep focused on work. Every horse is an individual and treated according to there needs.