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“The home of happy horses” reflects our reputation and stems from our excellent facilities in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Along with our knowledge and expertise, we have built our training yard with passion and with every horse in mind.

Where Adrian Nicholls Racing Train

Our facilities have been developed to elevate each horse’s training so they become the best they can be. The location of the yard provides a great open space for both the horses and the trainers to relish in the nature and outdoors. It also provides the ultimate campus to deliver outstanding training facilities.

The arena has a carpet surface which we use for lunging, riding young horses and is a great alternative for turning out if the paddocks are too wet. The newest feature in our yard is a 2-furlong canter ring which has a sand surface and is railed all the way round. With a 30m shoot with stalls at the end, we can jump the horses out and practice, practice, practice. Safety and security are paramount at Adrian Nicholls Racing which is why our paddocks are posted and railed, plus we own a 2-stalled horsebox for transportation.

As our approach focuses on tailored regimes for each horse, we guarantee that we have the facilities that are perfect for your horse’s training. Being experts in our field, we understand every horse’s distinctive needs and we strive to meet them in our training programmes.

How Adrian Nicholls Racing Train

Before training begins, we always make sure to explain our vision for each individual horse and discuss with you our regime plans. Taking on board your ambitions, we recognise the work that goes into reaching your horse’s potential which is why develop them as individuals and pay attention to every detail.

Our training is unique in the way that we vary the training for the horse, between riding them and lunging them. We believe that variety is key and pursuing this on a daily basis helps your horse reach its peak on race day. We also believe that downtime and relaxation is also important for every horse, so we ensure they receive a daily turnout in the paddock no matter what.

With our combined years of experience, we understand the connection between a horse and their owner. This is why we make sure that every owner receives regular updates of their horse’s training, including videos, pictures and feedback. Therefore, you can be a huge part of your horse’s training journey and be there every step of the way, destined for success.

If you are interested in Adrian Nicholls Racing facilities and would like to enrol your horse here, please get in touch with us today.