Last week was our final week for a bit where we have the full team with us as sadly they have to go back to school. Jack will be very much missed for his assistance on the ground as not every one knows its not just the riding of the horses that needs doing we lunge ours on a daily basis and he is very good at it. And the least favorite job but the most important one the daily mucking out of the stables. We pride ourselves on the horses having good clean beds.

Jack and Burtha

We also lose Ruby who works her on a Saturday and during this lock down period along with doing her school work she ha learned to ride a racehorse and does it very well. Sometimes she lacks self belief but once she is on a horse that goes out the window and she rides nicely. She is very quiet and patient on the two year old’s and she has worked Wonder’s on Maggie(Lethal Force/ Lady Tabitha filly) giving her the time to mentally catch up with some of the others but still learning in a happy way.

Ruby and Maggie

Lucy is the final member to leave she comes in when she can, she too also learned to ride the racehorses and has struck up a great bond with Kelly(Darrfonah/Mortga filly), she can be quite sassy and has tested Lucy a few times. Lucy has gone from doing fly by’s on an x racer to riding any of our 2 year old’s in a string maintaining the correct distance. We will miss them all but I suppose we will have to let them go back to school 😒

Lucy and Kelly

This week saw the arrival of The Great Heir, he has to come to join the team for a change of scenery he is lovely horse who has been very successful for Kevin Ryan. Hopefully he will enjoy the change and give us some fun days at the races. He has been added to our Horse in Training page

Our team is very compact we all work very hard, no one has a specific job every one just gets on.

Adrian and Clare muck out, ride out, turn in and out, drive the tractor, go racing, daily care for horses, pick races, talk to owners and everything else you can think of.

Elvis and Rocky

Sarah mucks out, rides out, turns in & out goes racing, clips horses pulls manes, daily horse care. Plus Noels (The Big House) biggest fan

Sarah and Noel

Lesley(Safety Officer) works for us on her days of from her REAL job as a nurse practitioner. She mucks out, turns in & out, goes racing. Falls in love with them all.

Sue mucks out, turns out & in as well as keeping us all in order. (Due to Covid she has had to stop coming in but hopefully this will change once things pick up)

Ben is shielding due to Covid but he is always on the end of the phone if we have a query and although he might not be on site he knowledge is still to hand.

Jake is at Uni but due to Covid he has a few free day’s so he had come to join us he is learning very fast, he mucks out keep the yards tidy and has also recently learned to lunge.

Mia is home from the Irish racing college RACE due to Covid she is mucks out, rides out, turn in &out, daily horse care and goes racing.